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valentine's day.. tomorrow? haha
yep. so... i haven't updated in forever and i actually haven't felt the need to. i don't know where to start or what to write about so i'm just going to ramble.
so! i'm going to be an aunt... can't wait for that!
and a maid of honour in april and also...
graduation in may!
tomorrow isn't valentines day but i think me and mike are exchanging our gifts tomorrow, because were both going to st. john's this weekend and even though i'm going to a movie with him we won't really have time to exchange.
well we got in a fight tonight on the phone, which really isn't surprising but i told him i didn't want anything and then when he went he didn't say "i love you" so i probably got him pretty pissed off, but he does the same so pfft. whatever man!
and midterm marks back tomorrow which i'm terribly nervous about. hope i did alright though.. if not, i'm screwed for getting into nursing :(

i wanna be young again.  i wish i had no worries.
it would feel nice to be young, innocent and naive.
but then again, i can't wait to be an aunt and start a new chapter in my life next year... although i'm super nervous.
and me and mike are staying together i guess? see how that works out... but a part of me really don't trust him. oh well.

i'm in a bad mood.


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