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this weekend was pretty good.
friday was a snow day, so we kind of had a long weekend. me and mike had potsies for supper on friday, and then later he came over and we watched "children of men."  saturday, i watched basketball for a bit, and cassondra and lorraine came over, and they looked at my grad dress and we also tried on shirts for jills that night! haha, were cool :) we went back to the school and watched basketball again for a bit and then i left around 4:00ish with mike! i curled my hair that night... turned out alright i s'pose. then me, mike and james went to jills around 8ish! it was a pretty good party but i kind of felt bored at times, like i didn't know where to go or who to be with. i think her new years party was better but it was definitely better then staying home.  i drank 3 porn stars and 4 beer. the porn stars tasted really good at first.. and then they gradually started tasting worst and worst. i always find that with liqour though.. i really don't think i'm much for like alcohol period.. like nothing ever tastes THAT good to me, oh well.  well i don't know if anything interesting happened saturday night. i was kind of upstairs all night, chillin in steve's room with cassondra and everyone else who decided to come in. haha. me and mike got in a tiny fight at the very end of the night, before we left.. but it was stupid and it was probably because my eye was bothering me and i was pms'ing.. so yeah, i don't really see the point in getting worked up over fights anymore.. with mike or anyone. well i don't really fight with anyone else, and i can see when people got so much shit bothering them that they don't know what else to do, but to cry. but to me, i don't really make a big deal of it anymore, like to myself. like i don't think about it or cry about it. well sometimes i do cry, but only if it's major or i'm extremely disappointed or something. anywaaay.
today is a snow day even though it isn't snowing yet but it looks like it's going to snow... hopefully it does reaaal soon. i really hate going back to school after dinner for two periods. bleeeh.

well i'm outttt.
ash xo


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