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i know i barely ever right in this anymore but i need to now.
well it's sunday again, which means another school week of heavy studying and massive loads of work to do is ahead of me. last week was a short week, but it still seemed long enough. i can see why everyone says october is the busiest month in university... midterms and everything is due within like 2 or 3 weeks of each other. i'm actually so excited for christmas. i probably won't be home anymore until then, and i come home on the 14th of december, which means i get about 3 and a 1/2 weeks home!
i got to see mike this weekend which made me extremely happy! friday night, we got out early from biochem and got the early bus which was awesome! then my sister picked me up around 4:30ish, and we went to wal-mart and then me, leah, john and ethan all went to don cherry's for supper! i got back to res around 7ish and studied and did school work all night, which sucks because it's really hard to do it when there are people partying. i'm actually really annoyed with it in here at the moment. i just really like my space and privacy and there's people around all the time. i do like it at times, and it definitely keeps you from getting home sick but yeah, i dunnno. anyway! mike was in ferryland for softball provincials, and it isn't to far from st. john's, so he ended up coming in for the night! he got dropped off here around 4:30ish, and then we just chilled and went to the mall for a bit, ate supper there, and then we came back to res and ended up drinking. it was a pretty good time. had it's on and offs moments i guess... but overall, i think it ended up being a pretty good night. i know this sounds lame, but i realize when i'm with mike that i'm only completely happy when i'm with him, or when i know he's around. like, i guess in here, when i do find time to go out, like i do have somewhat of a good time, but i either end of missing mike, texting him because i'm bored or something. it's just weird... i knew it was going to be like this before i came in here, but i just didn't realize how shitty it was. i'm going to my sisters this weekend though and babysitting my gorgeous nephew, who i love. actually! ethan alwaaays cheers me up, and he usually makes missing mike or home easier for me! i have to study alllll day today, i have another midterm on wednesday, which sucks. it is a good thing i am busy with school though, because it makes time go by faster, believe it or not.

anyways. i'm tired of writing.


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