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I friggen hate you.

I hate having a boyfriend ...fuckfuckfuck.
I can't deal with this anymore.
He friggen makes me miserable and not good enough.

I'm done with it.


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note to self: don't do ANYTHING with mike this week after school.

boys are DICKHEADS.

it's pretty sad to say, a girl could be crying her eyes out and he fucking couldn't care less except going to work on the shack but yeah, he still loves me all the same... right? whatever

fucking fucking bull shit and i don't believe it.

i HATE you michael fucking thomas sooley.

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i feel like posting nothing.

christmas is soon.       very excited about that.
last year on this date, me and mike started getting back on the go.

                   i'm really nervous about getting my chem test back tomorrow.

i wish it would start snowing soon.                                                           i stayed in with mike all weekend ...it was fun all the same.

      i hope there's a good party soon that everyone goes to, and it isn't split up into like two or three parties.

i can't believe it's my last year of high school. really excited about grad ...pretty nervous about going into st. john's next year though, but i guess i'll manage.

                                               i can't wait until i get my grad dress.

volleyball regionals next saturday. everyone go and watch, please :)

i'm done. i think i'm going to start posting more... again.

iloveyou, michael.


ps. i hate sundays

faded pictures on the wall..

feels like I'M going INSANE, YEAH.

I never write in my LJ anymore. I'm so disappointed ...but I don't really have a lot of interest in it, that could change soon though.



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Accoring to Sarah, I never update my livejournal anymore... it's actually been 8 weeks acording to LJ since I've last posted.
I'm still not in the mood for updating really.

Exams went fairly well I guess. 
Summer hasn't been horrible but it could be better. 
Mike's gone until Saturday, and I do actually miss him quite a fair bit already. 
The girls were up last night for a fire and then we came inside because it was raining. I had a better time then expected

I'm still way too lazy to update.
another day... maybe :)

iloveyouu, michael
- Ashley

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I haven't updated in forever. I don't even know where to begin ...but I just don't have time to write anymore. I'm studying for finals, plus all the other homework and assignments, I've started driving so that means I'll get my license soon ( :] ) ... I work at YES once a week and I usually tutor once a week too. I don't even have time to update now but once exams are over I definitely will.

Kay. Bye.
Iloveyou, Michael Sooley.


you make every thought a chain reaction
I wish I had a boyfriend that was allowed to call me this week. ROLLS EYES.


THANK FRIGGEN GOD - It's a long weekend this weekend, and tomorrow is FINALLY Friday. YAYAY. I actually have no plans yet, not anything for sure anyways but I'll probably go to Tyrone's shed party tomorrow night, and probably something with Mike one night, and I'm not really sure about the other night... see when it comes I guess.

SO. I've been really busy this week. Monday, I tutored Stephen after school, then YES after school on Tuesday, and then right after YES, I went tanning. Wednesday, me and Mike walked into Vernon's and got a slushie, then I came home around 5:00, and ate supper, got ready and went tanning again and then I studied bio for the rest of the night... and thankfully today I have nothing to do. After school, Mike came up on his quad and we were outside playing catch with the softball and playing volleyball and just carrying on and stuff. It was fun, but he had to leave at 4:00 because he was going in the woods with his dad, when his dad got home from work. 
I guess I'll start studying biology soon... I have a test next Thursday, and even though it's a week away yet I feel like I should start studying now because there's a lot of detail in this chapter. Hopefully tonight, I'll get to talk to Mike online... I'm really quite confused about why he can't call me, but I think it's something to do with his mom. It sucks, but oh well. It just feels like I don't get to talk to him anymore because in school it's hard to talk, and then MSN suckssss for having actual half decent conversations with anyone, ESPECIALLY your boyfriend... and when we hang out after school, we don't talk like we usually do on the phone, we just carry on and "hang out" more or less. I still miss him from when he was gone last weekend... I'm really sooky and wanting attention from him, and he seems like he's not sooky :( well actually, I don't know. I think I'm just paranoid.

What else?
Well... St. Pierre is real soon which should be really fun. Something different anyways.
And. Okay... I give up, I have nothing left to write.

I suck at posting lately... my entries are boring and I RARELY ever post :(
I'm such a terrible person.





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This note is going to be really choppy but I'm in need of an update ..again.

I'm starting tanning on Saturday. 
I have an hair appointment next Thursday to get dark foils in my hair.
St. Pierre in less then a month.
There's supposed to be a school dance this week.
I have so much school work to do and tests to study for.
I hate my hair.
I worked yes productions today, by myself ...and hated every minute of it.
I need to work out .. make my stomach less flubby for the summer.
The boys are going away the weekend after next for ball hockey, so me, Cassondra, Jenista and maybe Lorraine, might get drunk together when the by'friends are gone away to BURNT ISLANDS.
I really hate chemistry ..and we have a test on Thursday.
I loved how it was really warm today, I think it was 12 degrees (that's what it said in my car).
Mike was over yesterday. We laughed so much and he stayed for supper.
I'm in love with Mike so much and I can't even remember that we were broke up now, I just know it used to hurt real bad, all the time.
Keep bleeding love by Leona Lewis is a really good song. DOWNLOAD IT.
I wonder if there's going to be anything to do this weekend?
I wish I had no tests to study for.
And I also wish it was summer.
And I can't wait to get my tan :)
AND the foils in my hair.
I tell you, my life is DAMN EXCITING.
I don't have anything else to write.


iloveyou ..michael
ashley. xo

true love waits in haunted attics

It feels like I haven't updated in ages, but then again, it has been a while.
BUT ...since I'm bored, I will explain my whole easter break in a nutshell.

Thursday, was the day we finished school for easter break. There wasn't much to do that night, so when Mike got home from hockey I went to his house. We really didn't do a whole lot, but it was fun all the same.
Friday, I left around 9:00 to go to St. John's. I started reading the amazing "Angels and Demons" and I could not put the book down the whole way. Since it was Good Friday, there wasn't much opened so I was just lazing around at Leah's that night. Saturday, we all woke up and got ready, and around 12:00 we left to go get my belly button peirced. The guy was who was supposed to do my peircing was a little late, so we didn't get out to the malls until around 2:00ish, if not later. FIRST OF ALL. My belly button peircing did not hurt too bad at ALL. Like okay, there was pain but it definitely was not unbearable and I did not mind it at all, it was definitely worth it. BUT ANYWAY. I was fairly successfull (is that how you spell it? haha) with my shopping. I bought a pair of white baggy capris, in american eagle and a shirt to match, a pair of jeans and a shirt from ae, a pair of green track pants from blue notes, 2 pairs of plaid shorts and tank tops to match, a plaid shirt from garage, 2 tube tobs and 2 necklaces from sirens, a new black spring coat, and a few other things... I can't really remember it all because it was mostly for summer, so it's packed away for now waiting for summer to arrive! haha.

Back to the rest of my easter break.

Sunday, I didn't really do lot again and was not able to since it was easter sunday. I pretty much lazed around the whole day and watched Sydney White with my sister, then after that, I finally had a nice bath in my sisters jacuzzi, got ready and had turkey for my supper :)
We left to come home fairly early on Monday so I was home around 3:30. That night, there was pretty much NOTHING to do, considering all the guys were gone to their easter tournament, but Cassondra ended up coming down and picking me up, and we got some potsies, drove around and then went back to her house and I was home again by 12:00.
Tuesday I didn't do very much at all that day, but Lorraine and Cassondra slept down that night. We watched American Pie: Naked Mile, ate some chips and dip, talked, and then slept downstairs on air mattresses, so that ended up being a pretty good night.
Wednesday, when Cassondra and Lorraine left,  they dropped me off at YES Productions, and I stamped a ridiculous number of bingo cards with Danielle. THEN, FINALLY, after making it to the championship and getting silver, the boys came home so I was with Mike that night. We watched Armageddon, and talked and what not, and I left his house around 12:30.
Thursday, I did SHIT ALL. Mike went to Marystown to get his brandy spankin' new quad, but he was home in time for doing something that night. I curled my hair that night, for the first time in forever, and went to the shack to go drinking. Me and Mike got to the shack around 8:30 or so. I got pretty drunk that night, and even though it wasn't the best shack party, I still had a pretty good time. 
Okay this post is starting to get long, but whatever.
Friday, I went to Mike's for a bit, then around 3:00 I went to YES Productions again and worked by myself /sighh. More money for me though! haha. That night, Mike came over and we watched a movie that I can't quite remember the name of. 
Saturday, I did nothing, and went to James' that night to watch hockey and then I went back to Mike's for a bit.
Sunday, I did nothing, seriously.

DONE! Finally :)

Overall, it wasn't a horrible easter break but it definitely could have been way better.


St. Pierre in about a month :)


iloveyou, iloveyou, i loveyou.

just don't leave,
don't leave.

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I really need to update.
I'm not going to :)

Just one thing...

I miss my god damn boyfriend.
TOMORROW  :) yayayay.


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