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so, i kind of miss writing in my livejournal :( i miss the days where i wrote about absolutely nothing.

exams have begun! well not yet for me... but tomorrow. i have math 05 tomorrow, english on wednesday (totally dreading all the stupid hand cramps), math 07 on thursday and physics friday afternoon :(  i have world on monday and chem on wednesday and then i'm done! it's clearly going to be a long two weeks!

other then exams, i am officially done high school! it's kind of weird because i still feel like i should still be those annoying kids in grade 7 or something. things have definitely changed a lot in the past year, kind of, or maybe not. i'm definitely a lot more closer to the people in my class, at least i think i am. me and mike are for the most part, good. it seems like were ten times closer then we've ever been.. itt probably has something to do with our maturity levels? pfft, or maybe not? who knows. 
in general, my life has treated me pretty good in my last year of high school. i'm both excited and nervous to go to university in the fall! i am really looking forward to becoming a nurse, hopefully anyways! i can't see me changing my mind, but i do know it's going to take a lot of work and it's going to be a lot of stress. i'm going to miss my house, my bed, my roooom. my doggy, obviously :( my parents, even though mom is going to be in st. john's for the first month because leah is going to have a baby :) and obviously, i'm going to be missing mike a tremendous amount and my friends back home. i think me and mike can stay together because i know, or i'm pretty sure, we both want it bad enough. i know i do anyways. but on the flip side, i would NOT be able to go back to school here next year... i'm just so sick of everything in that building, and i can't wait my sister to have her baby boy. i can't believe i'm going to be an aunt.. but nonetheless, i am so excited and i'm planning on spoiling him like crazy!

i totally fell in love with twilight this year too. i never thought i would end up reading them but i'm totally glad i did. i'm pretty much hooked and i can't friggen wait until new moon comes out in november! hopefully i'll watch it when i'm in there going to school.

anyway ..i need to go over more math! bleeh
i hate studying.



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